WIN Table Talks

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WIN Table Talks, with Dr. LaDonna Osborn and Dr. Chyanna Mull-Anthony, provides opportunity to glean knowledge and wisdom from two experienced and amazing church leaders. Each topic will inform and inspire you as a woman in ministry. Questions are encouraged! If you would like Dr. LaDonna and Dr. Chyanna to discuss a specific topic or issue that affects you as a woman in ministry email your question to These WIN Table Talks are for you! You can join the “studio audience” here at International Gospel Center, 555 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa or join us online via our WIN Facebook page.



Following the 2019 annual International Gospel Fellowship Conference, on Monday, Oct. 21, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, women in ministry are invited to share a special time of R&R (Reception and Reflection) that includes “sister-ship” and focused discussions around the topics that impact women in ministry globally. This is for women in ministry only! (Men, we love you, but this is women only!)